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The Perfect Floral Tweed Skirt

How to Turn Your Apartment Into A Home

a home should always express who you are...

Luxury can be often defined as extravagance, largesse, or flashiness, but to me luxury in a home to is simply about style and comfort. The more bohemian, the more conceptual, and the more out-there, the better. That is my personality, and a home should always express who you are. It is a place of freedom where you should feel the most comfortable. 

This is what I tried to do while decorating my small apartment in Los Angeles. Everything is inspired by places I have traveled. Blankets, pillow covers, and throws were brought back from artisans all over the world or purchased at flea marketes (my favorite place to shop for home goods). 

Below are tips that may help you bring your home to life: 

  • Always paint the walls white. It makes the room bigger and brings in natural light.

  • Favor wood floors. If you find an apartment with carpet, check to see if there is wood underneath. If there is, go crazy and rip the carpet out! White walls and wood floors can never go wrong.

  • Don't be afraid to mix prints. While it is definitely possible to go a bit overboard, people can often be too averse to mixing and matching colors and patterns.

  • Plants are your friend. If you can't tell from the photos below, my plants are my obsession. It gives the room life (literally) and adds in beautiful, soothing shades of green.

  • Cover bad furniture. Do you have a couch that is so ugly you just want to throw it away? Simply cover it with a sheet in a color of your choice or an awesome tapestry and you have a new piece of furniture.

  • Give it character! You don't have to spend the big bucks to make your home reflect you. Buying a frame for $20 turns a poster into a piece of artwork worth of hanging in your living room.

GypseaLemonade × Suai Suai


Sorry its been so long guys! I took on a new job as a fashion stylist and life has just been passing right by. Today I collaborated with a jewelery company I’ve been wearing for some time now. We shot photos for their new Spring 2016 Look Book. I love Suai Suai because they've created some awesome layering pieces that you can wear casually and also dress it up to go out.  It was a beautiful 80 degree out in Los Angeles today, so I decided to walk around barefoot like I used to when I was little. I remember my mom yelling at me because I would come back home and my feet would be black. There's just something so liberating about it.

Now lets talk about the dresses. I am absolutely obsessed. They are so dreamy, silk with amazing beaded and gold stiched details. They make you want to twirl and dance around  forever. I feel like a Gypsea Queen in them. Just like the jewelry, the dresses are also an item you can dress down with flat sandals during the day or add a heel for a more elegant look. The purse is designed by a friend of mine. She designs some pretty rad purses and clutches inspired by her interest in geology.