White Dress in Charleston

The Place that feels like home...

This place feels like home to me, more so than any other place I've lived in. There's something about Charleston that just feels right and every time I come back I fall more and more in love.

My favorite part about this city is that they believe in and have the upmost respect for historic preservation. Everywhere you look there are historic buildings that bring you back in time into the centuries-old history of the city. On the streets, flowers and plants bloom and fill the air with countless smells. As we walk, I can't help but take everything in, literally stopping to smell every plant. It is as if you are walking in a dream. Houses are painted in pristine whites and classic pastels, and the ceilings to the iconic porches are painted in light blue, representing the sky, so that the souls of former tenants can float to the heavens. Walking down the historic Battery Park, dolphins jump out of the water and sea foam splashes your face as the waves crash against the seawall. Everything is completely charmed. 

White is by far my favorite color to wear in the Spring and Summer time, and there is nowhere better to wear it than here. On this trip I chose to bring two white dresses from Tobi. When traveling, I like to bring dresses that can have multiple purposes. Both of the dresses photographed can be worn on a casual day stroll, or turned into cocktail attire by adding a shoe that pops and jewelry. I wore the white pinafore dress one day with my bathing suit underneath for a boat ride and the next day to happy hour with nothing underneath giving it a chic - but still sexy - look with an open back. 

Style Tip: Adding a pop of color for your shoes, ex: I'm wearing red below. It can really make your outfit stand out and bring it together or wearing all white, ex: Im wearing white adidas below with a white dress, can give it that fresh clean look.