Magical Dress Finds in Australia

Oh my, what a beautiful country...

This was my first time in Australia, and my oh my what a beautiful country — that also happens to have the funniest, most genuinley kind people I've ever met. I started in Sydney for the first three days. The best way to see Sydney is from a boat, where you can see the whole city from the bay. After that we went to Byron Bay for a week. Byron is one of my new favorite places ever; the fashion is unreal. I wanted to buy more or less everything in every store I walked into, even the furniture stores. This was a major problem. I just kept thinking, “Man, I wish I could take everything back with me to my apartment in LA.” I bought a magical dress at Spell Designs. I went back and fourth deciding on which dress to buy, because every single one of them was so major. I decided to go with the red one you see in the pictures below. There are two ways to wear it: as a dress, or, if you unbutton it, it can also go on top of a white tank with some denim for a more casual look. After i bought the dress I wore it two days in a row. That’s how much I love it.

I spent my last few days in Melbourne. It is such a rad, graffiti infested, artsy city. It reminds me of a mix of three cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Paris, and London. I absolutely loved it. My favorite part of Melbourne was Melbourne White Night. The city turned into a canvas that was filled with light installations projected on buildings. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. If anyone is planning a trip to Australia soon, be sure to comment blow and and I'll give you some great recommendations!