L-Space × Indie Republic Design

This is by far my favorite collaboration I have ever done!

Of course it involves two of my favorite brands, L-Space and Indie Republic Design. I have been a proud customer of L-Space for years; it is the one bathing suit brand that allows me to feel sexy while still feeling completely comfortable and able to move around. As you may or may not know, I am obsessed with the beach, and need ocean therapy at least twice a week, minimum. When I go to the beach, I don’t just lie there and soak up sun (although I do plenty of that too); I like to do all sorts of activities, such as volleyball, boogie boarding (Yes I’m a 25 year old who still loves boogie boarding), soccer, tennis, etc. L-Space suits allow me to do all this without worrying about any, well, nip-slips. They emphasize form AND function, which is what keeps me going back to their suits. In the photos below I am wearing two of their awesome one pieces. The prints are so rad that I will also be pairing the one pieces with shorts, a skirt, or even some dark denim for a going-out look. 

I also teamed up with Indie Republic Design, a small jewelry company based out of my hometown, Newport Beach. The pieces they produce are  gorgeous bedazzled raw stones that radiate positive energy and are enriched in healing powers. For me, the pieces are basically like wearing vitamins on your body. I thought that this brand would be a perfect match with L-Space, because the jagged lines of the jewelry juxtapose nicely with the hard patterns on the bathing suits.

I am really proud of this shoot because it was made possible exclusively by badass chicas, from the designers, to the models, to the photographer. Thank you so much to my beautiful model @afro.vogue, my very talented photograher @channellebaronaphotography, and @jillybean for the gorgeous location spot in Pasadena.