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Introducing the GypseaLemonade Festival Jewelry Line...

Okay everyone, this is probably my most exciting post ever! I am so stoked to finally announce the launch of my GypseaLemonade Festival Jewelry Line for Indie Republic Design. This is a line that i designed for all my free spirited, dancing ladies out there! 

This line is so special to me, because I spent so many  days and nights with the owner of Indie Republic Design, Nikii Martin, in my apartment in Los Angeles or in her studio working on this for you guys. I will never forget this special collaboration and the hours spent designing into the middle of the night, the whole time with huge smiles on our faces because of how excited we were for the end-product. 

All these pieces were influenced by jewelry I always wish I could wear at music festivals. When I get my looks ready for a music festival or a concert, the jewelry part is so important to me because it is usually so hot that clothes have to be kept at a minimum. The jewelry pieces are always the focus of my festival looks, along with the flash tats, face paint, and — duh — glitter.  

Each gem has an ancient story behind it, and an enormous amount of radiating energy that you will instantly feel when you put it on. Now, even if you don't believe in ancient stories and radiating energy, the pieces are simply badass! Take a look at the photos below and feel free to comment with your thoughts. I would love to hear your feedback!