Bonjour Paris

This city is the embodiment of chic.

Ahhhhh Paris! You could spend a lifetime walking through the streets and still not be able to take everything in. Paris takes history, art, fashion, and science, blends them all together, and paints with culturally rich brush strokes across a canvas of unparalleled beauty. Everything makes sense to me here, except the language (I can’t understand a word). 

I woke up in my delightfully cute Airbnb rental. It was quaint, understated, and just the perfect amount of cozy. The toilet had its own separate room, so when I first walked into the bathroom, I thought the toilet was missing! It was pretty cold in Paris, so my furry teal jacket that I bought in London is definitely getting its use. I am actually now obsessed with it. I am one of those people that when I find a piece of clothing I love, I wear it ALL the time, and I will now be looking for any excuse possible to wear my dyed-teal-poodle of a jacket. Other than that I am mainly sticking with jeans, a scarf around my neck, layers, layers, and more layers - oh, and my new purple purse from TopShop (Monsters Inc. as my sisters call it).

Today, my sisters and I took a stroll past the beautiful Eiffel Tower. It gets me every time, clichés be damned. It is simply everything you could imagine and more. Then we rented some city bikes and stopped at the Palais de Toko (Tokyo Museum). It was bizarre to say the least. I always try to appreciate the artist's point of view, but this one went over my head a bit. Most of the installations were about the drug and hip hop culture, but my favorite was an entanglement of tree branches by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira that seemed as if they grew organically from the beams of the museum, or vice-versa. After, we went to Lafayette Mall to go shopping. This mall is the most beautiful shopping center that I’ve ever been in, and the ceilings are absolutely mesmerizing to look at. For dinner, we headed to the Pompidou Museum, which has stunning views of Paris. You can even see the Eiffel Tower's shimmering lights at night.