Favorite Pieces From Paris Fashion Week

Favorite Pieces From London & Milan Fashion Week

Favorite Pieces From New York Fashion Week

Trends: Sleeves as belts tied in the front, floral prints, cropped wide leg pants, sequines

Colors: Red, yellow, pink

Oscar De La Renta is included in the selection above. I interned for Laura and Fernando back in 2011. They have come so far and are continuing to keep Oscar’s legacy alive. I am honored to have worked with them. It is because of Laura that I am designing and continue to be in the fashion industry. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! 


Silk Heaven

Hugs you in all the right places...

You know when a skirt hugs you in all the right places, is the perfect length, feels amazing, and makes you want to dance all night long?! Well, thats how I feel about this one...its magic and I've been wearing it non stop to keep me cool from this damn heat wave going on in LA right now! ;) 



The Alejandra Skirt

Introducing the Alejandra Skirt

I have been wanting to design my own line ever since I was about five years old, when I started dressing my American Girl dolls in any fabric I could get my hands on, whether it was dish towels, headbands, or old bed sheets. I have always been obsessed with clothes because they were — and still are — a tool to help me express who I am. I was born in Spain but was raised in California. Growing up I was a little confused as to what culture I belonged to: American or Spanish. But clothing allowed me to express myself at a time when words could not. This line was heavenly influenced by the southern region of Spain: gypsies, flamenco dancers, and the bright colors I see every time I go to Huelva or Sevilla. Growing up, I spent my summers in the south of Spain watching the flamenco gypsies play music. Their long skirts, leather chokers, and big red flowers in their hair is pulled me towards them. The polka dot pattern that I use under the red skirt and on the black skirt is a very popular pattern that you would see in traditional flamenco skirts. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to the people that made this possible. To Shamani, because without you none of this would have happened. Thank you for helping me create and for guiding me throughout this whole process. I love you! To Hampton, Thank you for taking most of the photos on here, creating my website, my logo, basically anything graphic wise, and for dealing with all my last minute requests, I owe you big time! ;), my family, especially my Mom and my Grandmother for being huge syle icons for me, my sisters for helping me design the pieces, my dad for taking us to the South of Spain every summer, And lastly to every single one of you who support me even if you don't purchase anything. For liking, sharing, commenting, or reading any of my photos/posts. You have absolutely no idea how much you mean to me. I never though any of this was even slightly possible and has become possible because of you. THANK YOU. I LOVE YOU


The Perfect Floral Tweed Skirt

Go Vote!

Let’s All Go Vote!

In honor of voting day tomorrow here is a red, white, and blue look. It is my first time voting as a recent US citizen and I truly believe this is the most important election yet. This election has impacted me so deeply as a woman, a human being, and a daughter of a family who immigrated to the United States who was then raised, educated, and given endless opportunities. We have a chance to vote when other countries do not. There is one day left. Lets all go vote!


Burgundy Set for Fall

Hands down, the most comfortable piece of clothing i have ever worn...

If you are all about comfort when you dress, then this brand is just for you. Hands down, these are the most comfortable pieces of clothing I have ever worn. My favorite part about this set is how versatile it is; you can dress it up with a pair of heeled booties and you can make them your favorite pair of sweat pants to toss on when you're cuddling up for a movie — all while still looking cute! Warning: If you put on any pieces from Helfrich LA, they are so soft that you will never want to take it off.


How to Turn Your Apartment Into A Home

a home should always express who you are...

Luxury can be often defined as extravagance, largesse, or flashiness, but to me luxury in a home to is simply about style and comfort. The more bohemian, the more conceptual, and the more out-there, the better. That is my personality, and a home should always express who you are. It is a place of freedom where you should feel the most comfortable. 

This is what I tried to do while decorating my small apartment in Los Angeles. Everything is inspired by places I have traveled. Blankets, pillow covers, and throws were brought back from artisans all over the world or purchased at flea marketes (my favorite place to shop for home goods). 

Below are tips that may help you bring your home to life: 

  • Always paint the walls white. It makes the room bigger and brings in natural light.
  • Favor wood floors. If you find an apartment with carpet, check to see if there is wood underneath. If there is, go crazy and rip the carpet out! White walls and wood floors can never go wrong.
  • Don't be afraid to mix prints. While it is definitely possible to go a bit overboard, people can often be too averse to mixing and matching colors and patterns.  
  • Plants are your friend. If you can't tell from the photos below, my plants are my obsession. It gives the room life (literally) and adds in beautiful, soothing shades of green.
  • Cover bad furniture. Do you have a couch that is so ugly you just want to throw it away? Simply cover it with a sheet in a color of your choice or an awesome tapestry and you have a new piece of furniture. 
  • Give it character! You don't have to spend the big bucks to make your home reflect you. Buying a frame for $20 turns a poster into a piece of artwork worth of hanging in your living room. 

J. Crew × Drake Paired With Vintage



I might as well have gone to heaven...

I was able to go travel to Costa Careyes, Mexico, and I might as well have gone to heaven. The tropical flora, beautiful vistas, and brightly painted, Mediterranean-style casitas were all snapshots of my dream home. Everything was complimented by wicker, palapa roofs, open spaces, and surfaces that invited you to walk around barefoot. There were organic elements abound, and you were never a far walk from the water. The pool overlooking the Pacific ocean was so beautiful that at first glance didn't seem real.   

Fashion: With places like Mexico, where you know you'll be in a bathing suit all day, the two main items I like to pack are pareos and hats. That is my summer uniform. Pareos are great because they serve multiple purposes. You can wear them as a skirt, a cover up, a top, and more. For example, you can wear the pareo as a skirt to the beach and then tie it up as a dress for lunch. Dresses are another easy item to wear over bikinis. Below I am wearing a black spaghetti dress that to my surprise fit in perfectly with the plants of Careyes. 


Day Trip to Saint Tropez

This town made me want to move to the south of france immediately...

I just got back for my first Cannes Film Festival. Cannes was nothing but over-the-top elegance and glamour. In the middle of the week my sister and I decided to escape to explore the beauty of the South of France. We decided on Saint Tropez. This town made me want to move to a little town in Europe by the ocean immediately. The town was so cute, and actually reminded me a little bit of Charleston with the colored buildings and shutters. In my eyes, everything in this town was perfect. The ocean breeze kissed lightly as I ate my baguette sandwich (how is the bread so good?). As I walked around town a group of elderly ladies were making flower crowns and bouquets, which caused my heart to melt for a second. All of the stores smelled delightfully of candles and home goods and the colors combinations of the shutters, doors, and beams played off of each other perfectly.

On our way back to Cannes, we stopped at a farm to pick some strawberries. This little farm on the side of the road was just what we were looking for. It is hard to find places like this in the States. Instead of going to a farmers market every Sunday, locals come here to hand pick their own fruit, lettuce, and vegetables for the week, which is how I would love to live. You see exactly where your food is coming from, you are supporting your local small-town farmers, and you get to hand-pick everything yourself. I mean come on, what is better than that?!

P.S. These strawberries were the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted. They were so sweet and juicy that I didn't even think about dipping them in chocolate, which I do pretty much every time I eat strawberries. 

Fashion: I'm wearing printed pants from Zara, which I think are going to be a huge trend this summer, (these pants perfectly hug your body just the way all pants should), a white cotton t-shirt that I tied in a knot to cool down from the heat, and gold slip-ons. I am absolutely loving these slip-ons. I now want to buy them in every color. They are so easy and comfortable; you can wear them with dresses, shorts, and pants while still looking effortlessly chic and, most importantly, comfortable!


White Dress in Charleston

The Place that feels like home...

This place feels like home to me, more so than any other place I've lived in. There's something about Charleston that just feels right and every time I come back I fall more and more in love.

My favorite part about this city is that they believe in and have the upmost respect for historic preservation. Everywhere you look there are historic buildings that bring you back in time into the centuries-old history of the city. On the streets, flowers and plants bloom and fill the air with countless smells. As we walk, I can't help but take everything in, literally stopping to smell every plant. It is as if you are walking in a dream. Houses are painted in pristine whites and classic pastels, and the ceilings to the iconic porches are painted in light blue, representing the sky, so that the souls of former tenants can float to the heavens. Walking down the historic Battery Park, dolphins jump out of the water and sea foam splashes your face as the waves crash against the seawall. Everything is completely charmed. 

White is by far my favorite color to wear in the Spring and Summer time, and there is nowhere better to wear it than here. On this trip I chose to bring two white dresses from Tobi. When traveling, I like to bring dresses that can have multiple purposes. Both of the dresses photographed can be worn on a casual day stroll, or turned into cocktail attire by adding a shoe that pops and jewelry. I wore the white pinafore dress one day with my bathing suit underneath for a boat ride and the next day to happy hour with nothing underneath giving it a chic - but still sexy - look with an open back. 

Style Tip: Adding a pop of color for your shoes, ex: I'm wearing red below. It can really make your outfit stand out and bring it together or wearing all white, ex: Im wearing white adidas below with a white dress, can give it that fresh clean look. 


GypseaLemonade × Indie Republic Design

Introducing the GypseaLemonade Festival Jewelry Line...

Okay everyone, this is probably my most exciting post ever! I am so stoked to finally announce the launch of my GypseaLemonade Festival Jewelry Line for Indie Republic Design. This is a line that i designed for all my free spirited, dancing ladies out there! 

This line is so special to me, because I spent so many  days and nights with the owner of Indie Republic Design, Nikii Martin, in my apartment in Los Angeles or in her studio working on this for you guys. I will never forget this special collaboration and the hours spent designing into the middle of the night, the whole time with huge smiles on our faces because of how excited we were for the end-product. 

All these pieces were influenced by jewelry I always wish I could wear at music festivals. When I get my looks ready for a music festival or a concert, the jewelry part is so important to me because it is usually so hot that clothes have to be kept at a minimum. The jewelry pieces are always the focus of my festival looks, along with the flash tats, face paint, and — duh — glitter.  

Each gem has an ancient story behind it, and an enormous amount of radiating energy that you will instantly feel when you put it on. Now, even if you don't believe in ancient stories and radiating energy, the pieces are simply badass! Take a look at the photos below and feel free to comment with your thoughts. I would love to hear your feedback!