Summer Swimsuits for Brookev

Brooke: Wow! Lovin ur style…I am in need of a bikini for the summer that is colorful and fun. Can you give me some ideas?

Me: Hey! Thanks so much!! What kind of suits do you usually wear? Do you like cheeky bottoms, triangle tops, or more of a sports bra cut? Or do you like to cover up more? Let me know. I have some super fun, colorful suits in mind! I just need to know what style you prefer. 

Brooke: I like more of cheeky bottoms and any style top that is comfortable (that won’t fall off). 

Me: Here are some options for you! Sorry it took me a couple of days. I was out of town for the 4th of July weekend. Let me know if you want other options, styles, colors, pricing, etc!